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This high-tech company started with having 5 production sites that were consolidated into a single site. Managing the closure of 4 sites into a single site is always a challenge for warehousing capacity. The first stage was the analysis of obsolete and non moving parts, then the compatibility check for the parts for future products (are the active parts planned in the built of new products) and the last process the transfer of stock to the facility. Needless to say that integrating this receipt has a lot of pressure on an existing facility and making sure processes on-site continue without any disruptions. The stock value analysed transferred and integrated was about USD 500 million. High intense project with large number of persons to guide this in a proper way. Almost 12 months down the line when the project could be finally closed. No major disruptions in either the transfer or the continuation of the end site where the material was integrated with. Success to a team of people working close together and planning carefully.

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