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In this project an omni channel customer transferred her business from one service provider to the next. In these projects it is not only about signing a new contract with a new provider. It takes careful planning and integrate this planning based on demand for the next month with starting up new operations. This omni channel customer has a very clear 4 season pattern due to that 60% of the business is related to apparel. Closing a running warehouse, transferring stock and starting up a new warehouse in the midst of a seasonal peak requires detail planning for product demand and availability on category level.  Most critical in these transfers are sharing knowledge about category management with a new party that starts from scratch. The key success factors here were category demand planning and training, training, training... In any 3PL swap, the key to success is share your business' insight. The better the operator knows the ins and outs of your business, the more successful are the operating results.

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