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In this project a large Canadian Phone company transferred his business to a new service provider. This project did not only include the warehouse and distribution services, but  also light assembly activities in building phone packages and return process with full integration of a return/repair vendor onsite. During implementation of this customer in new environment and on new WMS system the project team encountered a lot of disruptions in their operations. Result was a lower output of orders, increase of back orders and reduction of overall quality of service. Our expertise was brought in to stabilize the business and increase service quality levels. We took over the project management responsibility and re-arranging of shop floor management. In only a few weeks we got operations back to normal and reach quality level as set by the customer.  Main successes factors were “listen and communicate with the customer”, create transparency in the operations and improve operations with the support of an operational team. After these weeks we handed over to local management and currently client is expanding overall footprint in Canada.

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